What is SntMse TVPI?

SntMse TVPI is an abbreviation of the "TV Program Performer Information Project" and is SntMse's ongoing project that brings together the performers and cast information of mainly Japanese TV programs. As a general policy, the information is directly used only from the end roll (credits) of the series episodes. 

The newest updates are posted on Twitter (Japanese) with #TVPIUpdate. 

Since the input is done manually, the content is updated irregularly. Also, if there are any mistakes on this website or the content of each series, please report on SntMse TVPI's Messenger.


Included TV Series

A list of all the works posted on this website.

2024 3rd Cour

2024 2nd Cour

2024 1st Cour

2023 4th Cour

2023 3rd Cour

2023 2nd Cour

2023 1st Cour

2022 4th Cour

2022 3rd Cour

2022 2nd Cour

2022 1th Cour

2021 4th Cour

2021 3rd Cour

2021 2nd Cour

2021 1st Cour

2020 4th Cour

2020 3rd Cour

2020 2nd Cour

2020 1st Cour

2019 4th Cour

2019 3rd Cour

2019 2nd Cour

2019 1st Cour

2018 4th Cour

2018 2nd Cour

2018 1st Cour

2017 4th Cour

2017 3rd Cour

2017 2nd Cour

2017 1st Cour

2016 3rd Cour

2016 2nd Cour

2016 1st Cour

2015 4th Cour

2015 3rd Cour

2015 2nd Cour

2015 1st Cour

2014 4th Cour

2014 3rd Cour

2014 2nd Cour

2014 1st Cour

2013 4th Cour

2013 2nd Cour

2013 1st Cour

2012 4th Cour

2012 3rd Cour

2012 1st Cour

2011 3rd Cour

2011 2nd Cour

2011 1st Cour

2010 4th Cour

2010 1st Cour

2009 4th Cour

2009 1st Cour

2008 4th Cour

Date Unknown